The Sharrock Home

ABC's "Extreme Makeover Home" is protected from termites by Sentricon®. Enviroguard is proud to support this area's 2011 Extreme Makeover home. Patrick and the Sharrock family's home is protected from termites 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A thorough annual inspection and Sentricon® ensures that the Sharrock home remains termite free.

In the community, Enviroguard has volunteered pest control and termite control services for the following:

Sentricon at Depot

Historic Ringgold Depot

In the community, Enviroguard supports local non-profit organizations and events.

"Understanding Insects" Offered to Elementary School Classes

Enviroguard Pest Solutions offers a popular program for elementary schools to teach children about insects and introduce the insect world. The program includes a Power Point slide show of insect photos that differentiates between beneficial and harmful insects and includes many key facts about bugs.

Students are presented coloring books and spider rings to enjoy. Enviroguard Pest Solutions employees have presented this popular program at a number of elementary school in our Chattanooga and Northwest Georgia service area with a tremendous response from both students and educators. Enviroguard Pest Solutions also provides our own activity sheet with even more “bug” fun for students including a word search and art project.

If you would like to have this program presented at your child’s school or would like us to attend a career day activity, please contact us at

Austin at School

Austin discusses careers in Pest Control with eager students.