Most people are unaware of and as a result, ignore the risk that pest birds pose to their health and well being. Nuisance species such as Pigeons, Doves, Sparrows and Starlings can transmit through their droppings a series of infectious illnesses including: histoplasmosis, candiasis, cryptococcosis, salmonelliosis. Contact with these infected birds, their dander or droppings can result in serious health problems and infections.

Birds are often seen only as a noise problem but the problem does not stop there. They are notorious for leaving droppings that lead to un-sanitary conditions or awnings, ledges, and balconies. In fact, they post serious and even dangerous health and safety hazards that occur when birds are allowed to roost on, around, or in buildings. Birds are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to commercial and residential buildings, machinery, paint finishes and signage.

Enviroguard Pest Solutions focuses on exclusion processes that prevent nuisance birds from residing in your home or business. Enviroguard has a team of specialists who are experienced in solving pest bird control problems which will rid you and your property of pest bird infesations. All installations are custom designed for your building they are harmless to birds, non-lethal and nearly invisible.