Boxelder Bugs

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These busy bugs are often seen near or on boxelder trees, and that’s the source of their name, but you may also find them on maple and ash trees as well as plums and apples on their respective trees. They eat tree seeds and new leaves, and you may notice leaf and foliage discoloration. They are either black or dark brown with red wing veins, and adults are about ½ inch long. You may see them congregating on a sunny wall of your home, particularly on the west or south-facing walls. These bugs can be a nuisance pest when they enter your homes, garage, or office buildings. Often, boxelder bugs venture inside to overwinter as the days turn colder. In early spring, they emerge from their winter hibernation and feed on the boxelder trees and other vegetation until fall. Their fecal material may stain curtains, drapes, or clothing when these boxelder bugs come inside. They also emit a strong, unpleasant odor if crushed or touched. Pest proofing and closing holes in doors and windows and sealing cracks with caulk are recommended to deter their entry, as are new door sweeps. Enviroguard will complete your pest-proofing and treat for these nuisance pests.  


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