Sentricon® System

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             Top of Sentricon® Station                               Termites feeding on the bait inside.      

Your biggest investment may be at risk. Termites are around-the-clock eating machines. Termites naturally break down plant and wood material….good news in the forest, bad news in the neighborhood. They tunnel from their underground colonies through the soil to any source of cellulose (wood), which they devour from the inside out.

You may not even notice termites at work on your home until it is too late and structural timbers have been severely damaged. And as if that weren’t enough, termites also consume siding, door frames, window frames, fences, paper, furniture, cloth and books.

Every year in the United States more than 5 million homes have some type of termite problem. Termite damage is more common than damage caused by storms, fires and earthquakes. About $5 billion in termite-related property damage occurs annually.

Sentricon® is Enviroguard’s “Green Answer" to termites. Most people prefer an environmentally responsible option, as long as it keeps their home free from termites. The Sentricon® System is the only termite control product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Commonly asked questions about Sentricon®

How does it work?

Stations strategically installed in the ground around your home’s perimeter contain Recruit® HD termite bait. Termites feed on the termite bait and share it with nest-mates until the colony dies.

Sentricon       Sentricon       Sentricon

Aren’t all baiting systems the same?

Other baits also use in-ground stations filled with a mix of cellulose and an ingredient toxic to termites. With some, the ingredient makes termites get sick or die near the bait station, so other termites avoid the bait and the colony dodges destruction. Some baits are not effective enough to do the job on their own and require a companion liquid chemical treatment. Sentricon® guarantees colony elimination.

I have heard liquid treatments are the best way to control termites. Is this true?

Complete liquid chemical treatments saturate the soil to create a treated zone around the house. In a conventional treatment, even with the newest non-repellent termiticides, a trench is dug around the foundation of the home and holes are drilled every 12 inches through the floor or foundation. Then, hundreds of gallons of diluted chemical solution are injected into the soil around and under the structure. Unfortunately, liquid chemical treatments tend to break down over time (usually in five years), and termites often find untreated gaps to tunnel through. Special precautions must be taken when using a liquid chemical treatment on properties with wells or cisterns, sub-slab heating ducts or other vulnerable features. The Sentricon® requires no drilling in floors or foundations, no trenching and no gallons of liquid chemical solution injected into the soil.

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Is this product safe around children and pets?

Recruit® HD bait contains Noviflumuron, a chitin synthesis inhibitor that disrupts the life cycle of insects. Insects have chitin or a hard exoskeleton. Mammals (humans and pets), on the other hand, do not.

Therefore, Sentricon® is safe to use around customers and their pets.

How can I learn more about Sentricon®

These five videos give you more information on the benefits of baits and explains the technology behind the Sentricon® System. You will also learn what to expect when Sentricon® is installed.