Top 10 Tips for Rodent-Proofing:

  1. Keep grass mowed and trim foliage from the walls of your home. Consider planting mint in your flower beds to repel rodents.
  2. Keep garage doors closed and check door seals and replace as needed.
  3. Replace door sweeps and repair window screens.
  4. Avoid leaks or standing water.
  5. Declutter closets, basements, and attics – clutter is a preferred nesting ground for rodents.
  6. Store all food in sealed heavy plastic or metal containers – This includes grains, pet food, birdseed, grass seed.
  7. Set garbage cans on six-inch high wooden platforms and make sure garbage can lids fit tight. Place a brick or heavy rock on the top. Replace cans when you have cracks.
  8. Don’t plant fruit trees – they attract rodents.
  9. Keep counters and floors clean and clean up food spills promptly.
  10. Fill all cracks in your foundation, eaves, soffits and cover with metal, caulk or cement and then paint – rodents can enter the smallest holes often smaller than the size of a dime. We do not recommend Styrofoam sealants to seal entry points as rodents can easily chew through this material