Quick Facts:

  • 12' Tall
  • 1,200 lbs
  • Fiberglass
  • Purchased in 1969
  • Moved to Enviroguard's office
    in Ringgold, GA in 2013

The new mascot of Enviroguard Pest Solutions is a 12- foot-tall, 1,200 pound, fiberglass statue with a rich history. Its original home was on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee where he was part of Atomic Pest Control from 1969 to 2013.

Purchased in 1969 by Les Tubbs the owner of Atomic Pest Control in Memphis, TN for $1,995 from Sculptured Advertising Sales in Champaign, Illinois, the mouse was delivered from the manufacturer in Wisconsin. The company guaranteed not to sell a similar mouse within a 200 mile radius of Memphis, TN. The molded fiberglass mouse was affixed to a trailer for easy mobility.

The mouse appeared at ribbon cuttings, parades, chamber events, malls, open houses, schools, fairs, movie premiers and other media events, promoting activities and advertising for Atomic Pest Control. The mouse became quite a celebrity and eventually caught the attention of pranksters.

In 1978 pranksters used an Atomic service vehicle with a trailer hitch to abduct the mouse and gave it a two-day joy ride. The mouse was eventually found in an alley in downtown Memphis. After that incident the decision was made to have the mouse permanently mounted on the roof of the Atomic office building located on Elvis Presley Boulevard, less than 2 miles north of Graceland (the home of Elvis Presley).

The mouse came to Ringgold, GA in December 2013 where it was restored and was officially unveiled on April 18, 2014. The mouse wants everyone to know how happy it is to be safe and secure in Ringgold and invites everyone to stop by and visit, have a photo made together, and of course, contact Enviroguard Pest Solutions for pest and termite control. The mouse mascot is on duty 24-hours a day at Exit 345 off I-75 in Ringgold, GA - call 706-965-9078.

Mouse Milestones


L-to-R: Earl Tubbs, Bob Taylor, Our Mouse, and Les Tubbs circa 1972


Former home of our Mouse, Atomic Pest Control in Memphis, TN

Leaving Memphis

Leaving Memphis, TN for its new home in Ringgold, GA

Ribbon Cutting

Mouse Ribbon Cutting on April 18, 2014


New home at Exit 345 on I-75 in Ringgold, GA

Mouse     Mouse      Mouse

After dark, the Mouse Mascot will greet you with bright, red blinking eyes!

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10 Signs you Love Enviroguard's Mouse Mascot

  1. At night or in foggy weather, you can see the Enviroguard mouse’s red blinking eyes even better
  2. To give directions, use the Enviroguard mouse as a landmark
  3. Tell the family, “I’m passing the Enviroguard mouse and will be home soon”
  4. Bring out-of-town guests by to see the Enviroguard mouse and have their picture made
  5. Everyone has forgotten all about the “Big Chicken” mascot in Atlanta
  6. Change your directions or find excuses to drive by the Enviroguard mouse
  7. Honk or wave at the Enviroguard mouse as you pass exit #345 off I-75
  8. “Follow” the mouse’s antics on Enviroguard’s Facebook page
  9. Posted your photo with the Enviroguard mouse mascot on Facebook
  10. Use Enviroguard Pest Solution for all your pest and termite control needs and tell everyone you know to use the “mouse”

Do you enjoy Geocaching? The Mouse loves Geocaching and you can find the Enviroguard Mascot’s cache at N 34° 53.413 W 085° 04.147 UTM: 16S E 676442 N 3862569 or at search for the heading “Did you see the size of that mouse over there?.”