Stink Bugs (Brown Marmorated)

Stink Bug

How can I get rid of stink bugs?

The stink bug, or the brown marmorated variety, has made its way to the US in packing crates from China and Japan. Now stink bugs have become a pest of vegetable crops and fruit. Stinkbugs pierce the outer surface of fruits and vegetables and suck out the juices. Indoors in our homes, they become a pest. Usually they are seen in the fall as they search for a site to overwinter. Typically these sites are attics, chimneys, drapes and in potted plants. They periodically emerge on warm sunny days during the winter and reemerge in the spring. Stink bugs are a nuisance but harmless to humans and do not bite and do not reproduce indoors. Stink bug numbers are increasing and we are likely to see more.

The stink bug is brown and shaped like a shield. The name comes from glands of scent located on the abdomen. Outside, they typically live on the back sides of leaves. To keep them out of our homes, cracks around doors and windows and cracks in siding should be sealed with caulk. Damaged doors and screen should be replaced. Leaves and piles of debris should be removed. Your Enviroguard pest management professional can control stink bugs with a variety of products and will help locate the openings where this pest has gained access. Live and dead stink bugs should be removed with a vacuum cleaner and immediately placed in a sealed bag and put into a trash can with a tight-fitting lid. To avoid the odor, be careful not to touch the stink bugs with your bare hands.