Bed Bugs

We offer a 30-day bed bug management program and an on-going bed bug monitoring service.

30-Day Bed Bug Management Program includes:

Proper identification of bed bugs ▪ Review of Treatment Preparation Check List ▪ Initial Treatment ▪ Follow-up Inspection ▪ Necessary Re-treatments ▪ Monitoring ▪ Completion.

Monitoring Service:

We offer the SenSci Active Volcano monitoring system to detect bed bug activity. This can be a stand alone service or added to your current service.


Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have reemerged as one of the most feared insect pests. They are found in both upscale hotels and low budget motels, in flea market items, used and imported furniture, in dorm rooms, hospitals, schools, apartments, assisted living facilities, private residences and even daycares. Bed Bugs can be found in the folds of mattresses, box springs, head boards, behind baseboards, wall voids, in clothes, shoes, boxes and just about everywhere. No location is immune to an infestation of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs do not transmit diseases, but their repeated annoying bites can cause swelling and irritation. Over time, repeated bites can lead to anemia. Enviroguard has the answer to bed bugs, we employ a "Bed Bug Swat Team" of highly trained professionals to locate, identify, and eliminate bed bugs.



1. Adult Bed Bug


2. Blood spots on mattress seam from bed bugs.


3. Multiple bed bugs in mattress seam.


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