Exterior Perimeter Control

Our Pest Perimeter Defense Program uses long-lasting, time-released microencapsulated products to protect your home. Since 99% of your pest problems originate outside your home, this service is very effective. Pest control products are applied outdoors, away from you, your family, children, the elderly and pets. This program will fit into your busy schedule. You do not need to be present for service. Inside service for any invading pests is available upon request for no additional fee.

Green Solutions

Combined with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), green solutions accomplish your goals of controlling pests while protecting the environment. To determine how widespread the pest population is, we first locate the pests and identify them. We then deny that pest population the access to food, water, and shelter. IPM includes sanitation, exclusion, physical control (trapping, monitor traps, or vacuuming) and when needed, minimum risk chemical control (baits, attractants, repellants, or insect growth regulators).

We control termites with Sentricon®, the only termite control product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Pest Control Services


We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or a one-time service to control cockroaches, rats, mice, spiders, crickets, ants, ticks, fleas, scorpions, and a host of other harmful pests.


Mosquito Reduction Program






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An unfortunate link to climate change is continually growing mosquito populations. Mosquitoes and their bites are quiet annoying. Mosquitoes are vectors for very serious health issues including Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Zika and West Nile Virus. Enjoy your yard and outdoor activities without being attacked by mosquitoes. Enviroguard offers a unique multi-impact mosquito control tool - the In2CareĀ® Mosquito Trap. These unique traps are an environmentally friendly solution using a biological control agent to eliminate mosquitoes and eliminates monthly spraying. We suggest one for both the front and back yards so you can enjoy pool parties, picnics, or other special outdoor events. We are one of the few companies in this area licensed to protect homes and businesses from mosquitoes and the diseases they may transmit. 


Fire Ant Management Program

Fire Ants

Like mosquitoes, fire ants respond to our moist fall and winter conditions and are active in spring, summer, and fall. With Enviroguard’s Fire Ant Management Program we can stop fire ants from invading your yard.


Lady Bug Management Program

Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs are cute and are considered by gardeners to be beneficial insects, but when they are prolific in your home’s living space and on your property, they become a nuisance and may trigger allergies. Our safe, inside service controls lady bugs (lady-bird beetles).


Bird Control Services

Bird Control

We offer bird control services for problem nesting birds at your home or commercial property. Some nesting birds can be destructive, damaging roofs, HVAC units, solar panels and skylights, and other areas of buildings. In addition, bird droppings and their nests can harbor more than 60 diseases including West Nile virus and Histoplasmosis. Their presence cause slip and fall hazards and increased maintenance, along with health risks.